Fallen Angels in Christian Fiction… Do they belong and what do we know about them?

By Erin L. Pearson, author of Prodigal Lost: Oasis of the Fallen, coming to the Amazon Kindle Store in Spring 2015!

Consider me an enthusiastic reader of lesser known works about the world around us, at least when it comes to the epic battle between Heaven and Hell.  Books that attempt to explore this invisible war have inspired me to write my own series, Prodigal Lost, which aims to transplant readers into the very center of this war spoken of in the Bible-a war that continuously wages around us to this very day.

Now, before you start waving the crazy flag on me, hear me out. Fallen angels are mentioned in the Bible, right? Lucifer, the leader of all things evil, is explained as having fallen from Heaven in the Holy Scriptures, right? So, what else can we learn from the Bible about the others that were said to have fallen with him? The Fallen, The Watchers, Demons, Devils and other Dark Entities…They’re a fascinating subject of discussion within our culture as well as our religion. But what do we actually know about them?

Not a lot, as it stands. Oh, there are books out there, thousands of them, which provide information about the names, preferences and even the temperament of those who fell with Lucifer. These books are easy enough to find and honestly, I find them to be a captivating read in and of themselves. But how much information can we really deem as pure and true? That’s a matter of fascinating debate, and one I begin to explore in the first book of my soon-to-be released series. But of all the source material out there today, the most truthful and reliable source, the Holy Bible, provides invaluable insight. This insight begins all the way back in the first book, Genesis.

Genesis 6 details a strange brood of “men” also called “Sons of God” which can be interpreted as a reference to angels. Called the Nephilim, they were the offspring of the fallen angels and mortal women. Warning: When you start to search through more texts about the Nephilim, you start to gather a plethora of information that you may not be prepared for so explore cautiously.

Then there is the book of Jude to consider, which makes mention of where some of the angels who fell with Lucifer are currently stationed, and it does not sound fun! From the further readings I’ve done, outside of the Biblical references, it appears possible not all the fallen angels were dealt this same fate. Needless to say, during my period of research, I read many books from scholars, angelologists and the occasional radical crazy person. But I was spurred forward to continue my search into more and more sources of information.

One element emerged as a consistent theme among all these different texts; Lucifer took a third of the heavenly hosts with him when he fell out of heaven for having caused a revolt against the Most High. With this core assumption validated by Revelations 12, my mind began to churn with so many questions, so many possibilities.

Belief that these angels were or are real is entirely up to you. Whether these fallen angels are actually demons who caused the cosmos to be chaotic and unbalanced is also up to you. My question, what drove me to write this series and to create this story was not about answering whether they are real or not. My question was…what if?

What if God created fallen angels for a specific reason? What if He knew there should be an adversary, a challenge for man to overcome to suffer for Him so that in the end, that sacrifice would be for His Glory when his servant was called home? And what if, just what if, one of those angels was placed within the midst of so much evil to show a way back to His grace? So many of us feel that we are the darkest lump of black coal against the whiteness of Christ’s purity. So many are drowning in the troubles of this world without the hope of something greater watching out for them, because they feel their sin is too evil, the weight of it too great to be overcome. What if God created a way for even the most vile and evil creatures of the world, the very demons who rebelled against Him before time began, to come back and be redeemed? If even they have a path to Heaven through atonement and redemption…then why wouldn’t we be given that same opportunity?


My books are based on the biblically-backed notion that angels exist as well as a whole lot of praying for the right words to write, the right message to convey, and the right medium through which to pass the message of hope. I wanted to encourage the knowledge that there is no sin too great, there is no mountain too steep, or pit too deep for our God to pull us out. I hope, when these books are yours to read, that you will find peace with the same comfort and solace I did when I began writing them.


2 thoughts on “Fallen Angels in Christian Fiction… Do they belong and what do we know about them?

  1. Great article, Erin. This article has whetted my appetite for your new book. Thanks fo allowing me to link this article to my blog!


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