Interview with new Flagship Fiction Author E.L. Pearson!

Flagship Fiction is proud to present our newest author, E.L. Pearson!  Check out her debut novel at:
In celebration of this new release, Flagship Fiction recently took the time to interview the newest member of our ministry.

Flagship Fiction: First of all, congratulations on your debut novel!  Prodigal Lost: Oasis of the Fallen is available now in the Amazon Kindle Store.  Can you tell us what your story is about and what inspired you to write a tale about fallen angels?

E.L. Pearson: The story is about seeking forgiveness. Prodigal Lost is my way of having hope for even the darkest of those around me, and having hope therefore, for myself, as I know I have sinned like the rest of the world. Creating this story was a way for me to make sense of God’s infinite love for his creations, no matter the blackness we’ve placed upon ourselves. In my life so far, I’ve fought a lot with God, but have come to terms with the fact that no matter where I run, no matter what trouble I get myself into, He isn’t letting go of me. Ever since I was a young girl, I have been fascinated by these beings with wings, sent from Heaven to protect me and my family. When I was very young, I was incredibly afraid of the dark. Once I would wake, I couldn’t get back to sleep because my overactive imagination wasn’t able to stop. That is, until I devised a way to occupy my brain in a positive way. I would imagine there was a bright ring of angels around me, and anything dark that would try to break into that ring would perish in the white light that emanated from these angels. They were my guardians then, and honestly, I feel I was led to write about them because of my strong belief in their existence. I still feel I see them, and after I wrote Prodigal Lost a friend once told me, “When you see feathers on the ground, that means an angel is nearby.” That gives me an infinite amount of peace.

Prodigal Lost
Flagship Fiction: Without giving away the key plot points, tell us more about some of your main characters.  What about their personalities do you think will resonate with your readers?

E.L. Pearson: A part of me exists in each of my characters…Mason’s conflicted heart, Mac’s fierce passion…and with Oasis, it’s her naive hope. Her heart is very pure; she does everything for the right reasons, no matter what it might look like to the others around her. I want to live my life much like I write hers. She is courageous in her faith, in her art, and in her love. Mason, now he’s more me than I care to admit sometimes. He can so quickly get angry at God, forgetting to see the lessons around him. He’s quick to accuse, yet quick also to ask for forgiveness. He is loyal to a fault which makes him an incredibly strong figure to follow through the book. Mac is a soldier, after my own heart. He is all of my dreams of serving my country wrapped into a solid frame of a warrior angel. 
I really feel that there’s a character, and enough of a story behind each of these characters, that each reader will find someone with whom they will relate. From starving artist with only a dream to the veteran warrior still ready to fight for what he knows is honorable, I love all of my characters.

Flagship Fiction: As a first time author, do you have any advice for prospective authors who are struggling to write their first manuscript?  Any words of wisdom or encouragement you’d like to share?

E.L. Pearson: Never give up hope! I don’t know how many times my husband would tell me just to put it away, and look at it in six months. And he was right. The more I would worry about finding an agent or a publisher, or if the book was even good enough to be published, I would remember that I wrote it for a reason. It was never my story, it was God’s story in me. Without my husband’s constant belief in my abilities, the group of friends and family I surrounded myself with, and the many prayers I said and others said on my behalf, this would have never been possible. Lean on those around you. Create a group that will hold you accountable to your work, because in the end you’ll need them more than you could possibly imagine. If God’s set a story in your heart, then the world needs to hear it, no matter what struggle it puts you through. Remember, if only one person is uplifted, is led to Christ because of our works, then it is not in vain. Also, finding Flagship Fiction and CGI Publishing was one of the biggest and most uplifting moments of my young writing career. Finding a company that represents my beliefs is more than a dream come true. My advice: Pray often, write daily, and give the rest to God. This entire process has been one big lesson in patience. I waited on the Lord, and He provided! 

Flagship Fiction: What’s next from here?  Should we expect future installments of Prodigal Lost?  And if so, do you have any exciting locales or historical time periods in mind you’d like your characters to visit?

E.L. Pearson: I’m working on another piece focusing on a girl who left home for the big city, and comes back after inheriting the family ranch. I anticipate contributing to several anthologies, continuing work with the emagazine Her View From Home, as well as a nonfiction piece for parents of premature multiples. And of course, Prodigal Lost Book 2 is already in the works as well.The end of Book 1 really leaves it all open for more adventure, visions of the past, and of course, more travel! It’s all mapped out and I’ll end the interview with one clue…Vatican City! 

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