Author News: Erin Burnett Launch Party and Martyr by NP Beckwith becomes #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller!

2016 has gotten off to an exciting start for Flagship Fiction authors!

Erin Burnett was recently honored by Victoria College in Northern Ireland.  She had the opportunity to host a book launch party for Liza’s Avenger and quickly sold out of all 50 copies!  Read all about it on Victoria College’s official homepage

Meanwhile, Martyr (Book 1 of the Other Earth Chronicles) by NP Beckwith was rebooted with a fresh new cover and immediately took the Amazon Kindle Store by storm during a Kindle Select promotional giveaway, quickly becoming the #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller among Teen & Young Adult Religious Fiction ebooks!  Although the free promotion is now over, positive momentum has definitely carried over onto the traditional bestseller lists… as of February 13th, Martyr was ranked as the #4 Amazon Kindle Bestseller among all Christian Fantasy ebooks, outselling even Patrick Carr’s award winning The Staff and the Sword series!  Congratulations NP Beckwith!!!!

If you haven’t read Martyr yet, what on Earth (or Other Earth) are you waiting for?!  Get your copy HERE

Martyr New Cover ellipse copy (2)



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