New Book Release! ‘Miss Aqua and the Fear Monster’ by Glison Angela Lehto

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by Glison Angela Lehto

There is no risk as terrifying, and no satisfaction as exquisite, as being exactly who you were created to be. The desire to become our true selves burns madly in every soul. In doctors, dancers, superheroes, and…alien warrior women. Shame, self-doubt, and fear may stunt our growth, but nothing can kill the flaming desire.

Dr. Waterlily Strom, a young woman with many secrets, cannot escape the sense that her life is meant to be wildly magnificent. A holy desperation clamors within her soul, urging her to let herself be liberated and transformed into who she’s meant to be. But the dark voice of fear, coming both from within herself and from a sinister adversary, threatens to crush the sparkling life before it can even begin. In the vivid color of superhero tights, this story tells of the soul’s battle to manifest its rightful identity and claim the full vibrancy of its unique life. Miss Aqua brings a sword to a knife-fight, yet discovers that victory lies not in strength but in mercy. Can she overcome her fear and become the amazing person she was created to be?

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Download or Preview Ebook

Glison Angela Lehto lives in rural Maine, where she was raised by wild lake-mermaids. Although she has dreamed of being a writer ever since she could hold a crayon, she also greatly enjoys her work as an orthopedic physical therapist. Other than creative writing, her hobbies include running, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, outdoor swimming, amateur film-making, piano, dance, and hosting ridiculous themed parties. Glison is blessed with wonderful friends and family who encourage her in Christ and do not judge her for wearing pirate hats to church.

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