The Crew

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Nicholas Downing 
Nicholas Downing’s Amazon Author Page

Nicholas Downing is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy (Bachelor of Science, Military History), Regis University (Master of Business Administration) and the Cornell University Executive Leadership Program. A combat veteran, Nick commanded the 101st Airborne Division’s joint mobile logistics team in Afghanistan and served in the Persian Gulf during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He now works in the private sector as head of global asset management for Lockheed Martin Space. Happily married and a proud father of four beautiful children, Nick enjoys hiking and skiing with his family in the Rocky Mountains. His primary passions include the Bible, military history, leadership development, and martial arts. He is best known for Talon’s Test and the Shield of Faith, which is frequently ranked as an Amazon Kindle Bestseller among Teen & Young Adult Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.

NP Beckwith

N.P. Beckwith  
N.P. Beckwith’s Amazon Author Page

N.P. Beckwith is a professional chiropractor, former educator, casual artist, and undocumented theologian. Occasionally, on a dare, and at great risk to those he loves, he writes a novel. He believes that he who finds a wife finds a good thing, and that children are a heritage from the Lord. That being said, he is currently satisfied with the heritage he has received, and is not seeking additional heritage. He is a world traveler, his conquests including Texas, Holland, India, Japan, and at least one alternate earth. He currently resides with his good thing and his heritage in Guam. N.P. Beckwith is best known for the novel Martyr, winner of the Reality Calling Christian Religious Fiction Award.

Erin Burnett

Erin Burnett 

Erin Burnett’s Amazon Author Page

Erin Burnett is a grammar school student from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Having enjoyed writing from a young age she felt compelled to write for Christ, and wrote her first semi-readable novel at thirteen. She aspires to study theology at the university level. In addition to writing she is a seasoned traveller, having visited approximately a third of all countries – including the USA. She lives with her wonderfully supportive family. Erin Burnett is best known for the novel Liza’s Avenger, an exciting young adult fantasy fiction novel.


Poncho  –  Editorial Director

Poncho is from everywhere, and nowhere.  He has no past, no remarkable characteristics.  He is a shadow, ever waiting, ever watching, always just out of sight.  Witnesses have reported glimpsing the brim of a hat, or the curl of a mustache, but all agree that the presence of this unknown hero can be known by the sound of a woolen poncho, majestically flapping in his wake.



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